Sunday, July 18, 2010

Introduction, Part two

I originally posted this over on Facebook, right before the calendars went from 09 to 10. I've tried to live life this way this year, instead of spending too much time pissin and moaning about what I don't have. Being relatively new over here, I figured I'd give ya this as a warm up to who I am. Excuse the lack of capitals and apostrophes, I didn't like them last year. So, here ya go...

i had a conversation with someone today that got me thinking bout what we should all do with our lives. i dont mean hey go to college, get a degree, get a job, get married etc etc. i mean what we should DO with our lives. life isnt a journey in my book, its an object. granted its a pretty damn big object but hey, an object is an object right? ive always thought that life was just there, a day in day out drone of monotony. groundhog day but with different characters i guess. well lately ive been thinkin differently bout that theory. i was wrong. yes, mark your calendars, i just made a public admission of wrongness. heres where i was wrong, life isnt groundhog day. life isnt doing the same pointless act moving towards a predetermined goal that opens its curtains to the audience upon our birth. its what we're (i just used an apostrophe!) given to have and to use as we see fit. its a tool that we can either carve a masterpiece out of a bar of soap with, or a bucket to hold our self pity in. whats life but an ocean to swim in, dive into fully, embrace like a drunken lover and let the currents carry you where they may? why not treat it as that? as something that we can throw ourselves at, like it were a 1000 piece kitten puzzle, always challenging us to find that one last piece to make it all come together. this is my gauntlet i throw down at the feet of everyone of you this year. use your life for something. carve yourself out a place in the history of those around you. pull the pin on the lets do somethin grenade and chuck that bitch. dont be shy, dont be afraid. just do. get up off the couch, chase that dream, even if its miniscule in relation to whats spinnin around you. i spent so many years diggin myself a rut, being so frustrated with things that i couldnt see straight about it anymore. then i realized that nothing in the world is more important than seeing what it is around you that youre missing. so get up, go see what youre missing, or sit there on the couch and watch me wave as i go bye.

to all my friends that have made the last year of my life feel like the first one to move forward again finally, i thank you with everything i am. those of you that will be around for the next year to come, i hope i can repay to you what you have done for me.

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  1. Love it! And I'm proud of you Big/Little brother. You have a fine mind and I will be cheering you on as this year unfolds:)